The Voxel

Bright Brussels Festival
February 2019
Installation Art

"Look! Son, it looks like a videogame called TETRIS from my childhood. No, dad, this is actually like MINECRAFT"

The Voxel is an installation art originated by Gilles Leempoels and selected by the Bright Brussels Festival in 2019.  Music, lights and a pop geek universe merges in his concept, which gets its inspiration from the 80’s.  

The concept features a fifteen meters hammerhead shark in pursuit of two small fishes. "Voxel" is a graphic style to illustrate a subject through an array of elements of volume that constitute a notional three-dimensional space, similar to pixel art transposed into a 3D world.

The Voxel is built with 111 LED cubes and was set next to the "Brick Wharf" street in Brussels.

The first draft of the shark was born SWEET beside a cup of coffee.