ERA 2 Spirit of Shanghai

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Video Content - Concept Art
Cirque Phenix - Shanghai Circus Show

Era 2 Spirit of Shanghai features a love story takes place in Shanghai. The performance of the acrobatic technique, music, dance is visually strengthened by our video mapping, with which it presents audience the classic and the modernity of the legendary city.

For this large-scale production, we have created various optical illusion effects and immersive digital backgrounds inspired by the wonderful city itself. The video projectors are covering the backdrop and the stage floor totalling over 800 m² of digital scenography.

For the video content, our team decided to emphasize on the water effect. To achieve the final visual result, Sheji has created a large library of visual effects and animations which includes different forms of water: rain, drops, waterfall, water foam, steam and water diffraction prior to the production.